Memos by Paul Meehl


                     It makes a fellow cheery
                     To be cooking up a theory;
                     And it needn't make him blue
                     That it's not exactly true
                     If at least it's getting neary.

                                       —Meehl, 11/7/1988


Memo: Meehl to Lykken (1966-67). Problems of strategy in research on schizophrenia.

Research methodology for a proper study of schizophrenia.

Memo: Meehl to Garmezy (1965). Collecting MMPI profiles on parents of your schizophrenic sample.

Similarities and differences in predictions made by genetic and social-learning theories of schizophrenia.

Memo Dictated: Meehl (April 3, 1992) reply to Goldberg (written memo March 31, 1992)

Paul Meehl (aka “Pablo”) replies to questions from Lewis R. Goldberg (aka “Luigi”) regarding Meehl’s “Factors and taxa, traits and types, differences of degree and differences in kind” (Journal of Personality, 1992). View Lew's memo first to see issues as Paul discusses them. At the end of the recording (at 30+ min.), Paul corrects/clarifies details in his earlier remarks about how his taxometric procedures could fail.

Memo: Meehl to David Lubinski (1999). Thoughts on construct validity.

Meehl's assessment of Cronbach & Meehl (1955, "Construct validity in psychological tests").