Published Books

A Paul Meehl Reader:

Essays on the Practice of 

Scientific Psychology

Updating themes in Meehl's influential 1973 book,  Psychodiagnosis, this selection of classic and later works demonstrates development of Meehl's thinking in areas of prediction, theory assessment, taxometrics, and general scientific methodology. The Reader includes unifying section introductions by the editors and a DVD with photos and video of Meehl lecturing on clinical vs. actuarial prediction. Available from Routledge. View Contents and Preface

Twelve Years of Correspondence with Paul Meehl

Twelve Years of Correspondence With Paul Meehl: Tough Notes From a Gentle Giant 

Donald R. Peterson, a student of Paul Meehl, published this collection of their letters and emails in 2005, providing a unique window to the lives and thinking of both men. Available from Routledge.

Clinical versus Statistical Prediction: A Theoretical Analysis and a Review of the Evidence

Published in 1954 by the University of Minnesota Press, this is Meehl's famous examination of clinical versus actuarial prediction. Meehl added a new Preface for a 1996 paperback reprinting by Jason Aronson. As of 2013, it is again in print by Echo Point Books.

More Books

An Atlas for the Clinical Use of the MMPI

​S. R. Hathaway & P. E. Meehl. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1951.

Modern Learning Theory 

W. K. Estes, S. Koch, K. MacCorquodale, P. E. Meehl, C. G. Mueller, W. N. Schoenfeld, & W. S. Verplanck. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1954.

The chapter on E. C. Tolman by Kenneth MacCorquodale and Paul Meehl includes Meehl's classic discussion of the concept of a response.

Psychodiagnosis: Selected Papers 

P. E. Meehl. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1973. Contents

 Selected Philosophical Papers 

Edited by C. A. Anderson and K. Gunderson. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1991.

Throughout his career as a psychologist, Paul Meehl also contributed to the philosophical literature with probing and witty analyses. The unusual scope and imagination of his work are revealed in this collection as Meehl explores the mind-body problem, freedom and determinism, psychoanalytic explanation, theory appraisal, moral aspects of insanity and the law, and precognitive telepathy. Contents and Preface

Paul Meehl

Multivariate Taxometric Procedures: Distinguishing Types from Continua

Co-authored with Niels Waller, available from Sage.