Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae:

Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 3, 1920

Died: Minneapolis, February 14, 2003



Minneapolis Public Schools

B.A. summa cum laude, University of Minnesota, 1941

Major: Psychology; Minor: Biometry

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1945

Major: Clinical Psychology; Minor: Neuropsychiatry

Post-Doctoral Education:

Attended course in Electroencephalography, Department of Neuropsychiatry, University of Minnesota Medical School, 1946

Rorschach Workshop (Beck) 1947

Rorschach Workshop (Klopfer) 1947

Graphology Workshop (Wolff) 1947

Attended classes in mathematics and logic, University of Minnesota 1945-52

Attended classes in Law School, University of Minnesota, 1964-66

Personal Psychotherapy:

Psychoanalytic therapy (H. S. Lippman, M.D.) 1949-1951

Psychoanalysis (B. C. Glueck, M.D.) 1955-1958

Psychoanalytic Supervision:

Psychoanalytic controls, two cases (B. C. Glueck, M.D.) 1958-1960

Continuous case seminar (B. C. Glueck, M.D.) 1958-1960

Positions Held: University of Minnesota

1944-1945 Instructor, Departments of Psychology and Neuropsychiatry

1945-1948 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Departments of Psychiatry and Neurology

1948-1952 Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Departments of Psychiatry and Neurology

1952-1990 Professor, Department of Psychology and Department of Psychiatry

1951-1957 Chairman, Department of Psychology

1953-1955 Staff Member (half-time) Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science

1967-1980 Adjunct Professor of Law

1968-1990 Regents' Professor of Psychology

1969-1992 Member, Center for Philosophy of Science

1971-1990 Professor of Philosophy

1990-1992 Hathaway-Meehl Professor of Clinical Psychology

1990-2003 Regents' Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, University of Minnesota

1990-2003 Member Emeritus, Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Minnesota

Other Positions Held:

1947-1949 Acting Chief Clinical Psychologist, V.A. Hospital, Minneapolis

1949-1959 Consultant (Clinical Psychology) V.A. Hospital and Mental Hygiene Clinic, Fort Snelling, Minnesota

Professional Societies:

American Psychological Association (President, 1962)

American Psychological Society

Philosophy of Science Association

Society for Research in Psychopathology

National Association of Scholars

Honorary Societies and Honors:

Phi Beta Kappa

Psi Chi

Sigma Xi

Distinguished Scientific Contributor Award, American Psychological Association, 1958

American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1965)

Distinguished Contributor Award, Clinical Division, American Psychological Association, 1967

Distinguished Scientist Award, Division of Experimental Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association, 1976

Bruno Klopfer Distinguished Contribution Award, Society for Personality Assessment, 1979

Sc.D. (Adelphi, 1984)

National Academy of Sciences (1987)

Award for Distinguished Service and Outstanding Contributions to the Profession, American Board of Professional Psychology, 1989

Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the Application of Psychology, American Psychological Foundation, 1989

William James Fellow of the American Psychological Society (1989)

Joseph P. Zubin Award for Distinguished Contributions in Psychopathology (1993)

Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Knowledge, American Psychological Association, 1993

Educational Testing Service Award for Distinguished Service to Measurement, 1994

Centennial Award, Division of Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association, 1996

Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Psychology, American Psychological Association, 1996

Lifetime Achievement Award in Basic and Applied Research in Psychology, American Association of Applied and Preventive Psychology, 1997

Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics, APA Division 5, 1997

James McKeen Cattell Fellow, American Psychological Society, 1998

Doctor of Science, University of Minnesota, 2001

Marguerite R. Hertz Award, Society for Personality Assessment, 2004 (posthumous)

Listed In:

American Men and Women of Science

Directory of American Philosophers

Who's Who in America

Who's Who in Science and Engineering

Professional Practitioner Status:

Licensed Psychologist (State of Minnesota) [through 2002]

Diplomate, American Board of Professional Psychology (Clinical) [Member of Board, 1957-1962]

Professional Interests:

Taxometrics, behavior genetics, etiology of schizophrenia, theory of diagnosis, structured personality tests, clinical judgment, behavior ratings, actuarial prediction, psychotherapy

Allied Interests:

Philosophy of science, forensic psychology, political psychology, ethical theory

Courses Formerly Taught or Co-Taught:

General Psychology

Introductory Laboratory Psychology

Psychology for Medical Students

Psychology for M.D.s in Psychiatry Residency

Psychotherapy for M.D.s in Psychiatry Residency

Personality Theory

Systematic Psychology

Philosophical Problems of Psychology (Philosophy Department)

Psychotherapy for Ph.D. candidates in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology (Psychodiagnosis)

Psychology, Psychiatry and Law (Law School, Medical School)

Jurisprudence (Law School)

Forensic Psychology

Proseminar: Issues in Clinical Psychology

Philosophical Psychology

Classification in Psychopathology

Taxometrics Seminar

Private Practice Psychotherapy: 1951-1993

Special Scholarly and Professional Activities:

Dartmouth Conference on Learning Theory (1950)

APA Committee on Test Standards (1950-1954)

Board of Directors, Institute of Mental Health, St. John's Abbey and University (1954-1969)

APA Special Committee on Certification and Licensure of Psychologists (1962) Chairman

Stillwater Conference on Training of Clinical Psychologists (1964)

APA Committee on Scientific and Professional Aims of Psychology (1963-1966)

Trustee, American Psychological Foundation (1962-1968)

Participant, Russell Sage Foundation Conference on Legal Aspects of School Counselor Role (1969)

Participant, Panel on Criminal Deterrence and Incapacitation, National Academy of Sciences (1975-1976)

Member, Task Force on "Assessment for the Year 2000," Division 12, APA (1993-1997)

Senior Advisor, APA Task Force on Statistical Inference (TFSI), 1996-1999

Consultant, NIMH, Subtyping RFA, May 1 - July 1, 1998

Consultant, NIDA (submitted), Emergent nosologies of substance abuse: Toward the DSM-V, J. W. Langenbucher, PI.

Advice to counsel and testimony as expert witness in civil and criminal legal cases (1965- )